Calotte Academy 2024 is taking place 8-16 June.

Deadline for applications is 15 April 2024. Please see the programme for more details.

Procedures of the Calotte Academy

The Calotte Academy is structured in a way that in each location there are academic sessions with scientific presentations and brainstorming discussions. In one or two locations there are additionally public sessions which include invited local stakeholders. Since dialogue and application of science are the most important goals of the Calotte Academy, participants should remember and apply the open-ended nature of dialogues, cross disciplines, sectors and other borders. A fundamental precondition for such a dialogue-based approach is to have time enough for questions, comments, and open discussion, as well as enough patience for listening to others’ argumentation. Following these principles, the Calotte Academy sessions are structured in a way that each presentation will be allocated altogether 30-35 minutes, out of which 15 minutes (maximum) are reserved for the presentation while the rest of the time is dedicated to questions, comments, and an open discussion.

The Academy moreover serves as an interdisciplinary brainstorming meeting for scholars and other experts from different fields and disciplines all over the circumpolar North, to discover innovations and new methods. Additionally the Academy creates space to develop or potentially design applications for international research projects. In the Calotte Academy sessions, themes and contents for further Calotte Academies will be brainstormed, as well as those of other events of the TN on Geopolitics and Security.

After the Calotte Academy, a Final Report including the abstracts, main findings, highlights, and ideas for potential research questions and projects are being produced (see Final Reports). The Reports are written by the presenters / participants who will choose the themes and sessions which they want to report on during the Calotte Academy tour.