Calotte Academy 2024 is taking place 8-16 June.

Deadline for applications is 15 April 2024. Please see the programme for more details.

Calotte Academy Fellowship

There has been an idea to institutionalize the cooperation and partnership with those senior scholars and other experts (either with PhD and professorship, or other kind of real expertise on Northern / Arctic studies), who have attended, given a presentation at, supervised the young researchers of, or in other ways contributed to the Calotte Academy within the last years. Followed from this, the Calotte Academy Fellowship was launched at the opening session of the 2016 Academy. Among the first Calotte Academy Fellows are Prof. Matthias Finger, EPFL, Switzerland; Director Liisa Holmberg, SAKK, Finland / Sapmi; Prof. Steve Lamy, University of Southern California, USA; Prof. Heather Nicol, Trent University, Canada; Dr. Larissa Riabova, Luzin Institute of Economic Studies, Russia; and Prof. Alexander Sergunin, St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

The Calotte Academy Fellowship is an additional human resource for research, when planning research and raising funds for research, as well as for supervision of PhD candidates and advanced MA students. Calotte Academy Fellows have already contributed and will contribute to the research done at / by Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Lapland, as well as PhD candidates of the faculty. It is a loose network of Arctic experts all over the Arctic Region, from Nordic Region, North America, Europe and Russia (at the first stage).